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PerYourRequest is a 17 year old web-based technology company. Our team members have done projects and full-time work for dozens of the Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley Start-ups. We also have done collaborative work with many of the leading Internet Technology and Service Vendors.


We can work as a team member in your organization or take on a larger role depending on project requirements. We offer a full-service website or mobile app design, build and analyze solution.


The Services tab shows a good overview of the kinds of activities our core team is expert at delivering. If your project requires skills or technology not described, please let us know. We are running PerYourRequest like a movie production company. At the beginning of the project, the expertise needed to cover all of the key bits is defined. If we don't have the resources required, they will be recruited. Silicon valley is a very rich environment for this type of team building. In all cases, PerYourRequest is responsible for all deliverables.

Integrated Design, Build & Analyze

We specialize in an integrated analytics, design and build process that results in an optimized website with strategically defined features and integrated analytics.

Digital Analytics

We support all of the major metrics applications including Google Analytics, WebTrends, Adobe Analytics and more. Depending on your business requirements or preference any of the current metrics tools can be used. There are three key digital analytics activities.
    Implement code tagging for metrics applications. Tag Management is often used, e.g., Ensighten.
      Customize reporting features to support analysis of all key site activities
        Provide the key knowledge transfer for your staff to make sure all analytics tools are well utilized.

Strategic Refresh

User expectations are evolving quickly for a great online experience. Is your website actually contributing to your business success? Will a mobile app give you a competitive advantage and help retain existing customers? If your website or mobile app is more than two years old, it needs a refresh. We can help using our integrated design/build/analyze approach. This can be simple tagging and report update or a full rebuild.

Data Audit

It is essential to confirm the tagging and data collection from your site or app. Every revision cycle has the opportunity to break data collection or to add content that is not tracked as expected. We can validate the current operation before and after login to make sure it matches your measurement plan and business strategy.

Online Development for all Platforms.

Commercial website development requires a wide variety of technologies and processes to implement key business requirements, e.g., access security, ecommerce, personalization, animation, fraud detection, data-driven adaptive applications, and more. We can develop a new site or strategic refresh for desktop, tablet or mobile platforms. A responsive design can be used to deploy a single deck of content within each environment. A purpose-built mobile app can be further optimized for the user experience. Mobile Apps are well suited to customer support applications where security and performance are key requirements.

These are the technologies and applications that we use!

We have expertise and industry contacts with many of the leading technology vendors used for Digital Analytics, Website Development and Mobile Applications. If you need support with something not in our stack, we can add the expertise quickly.

We often work with these technologies:

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